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News: February 2021 Version 10 released  

Seeker is comprised of three component services; Property Management, Estate FM and Compliance. These component services integrate to provide a single platform to managing complex estates in the healthcare and other sectors.


An electronic logbook developed with Legionella Control International, using Invigilatis' Compliance Manager solution. Responsible Officers and Duty Holders have easy access to relevant HSE information.


A comprehensive risk assessment tool based on HM Government’s Fire Safety Risk - healthcare premises and HSE’s risk scoring to provide consistent evidence-based risk assessment in accordance with HTM requirements.

Canty Compliance

Covers all aspects of Estates and Facilities, the solutions provide full risk ranking of non-compliances, allowing Trusts to satisfy all their HTM commitments for Fire Safety, Water, Electical, Asbestos, and COSHH.

Soft Fm

Soft FM covers cleaning, waste disposal catering and integrates easily with Control of Infection. Real time dashboards facilitate effective operational management.

Control of Infection

An auditing tool created for Infection Prevention and Control departments within Hospitals. The tool can be adapted to each team’s needs, increases efficiency in the auditing process, as well as generating reports and analysing data.

News: May 2021 Released                            

App, Analytics and Portal to improve incident reporting and safety management in forestry. Combined with social media push technology, this solution will have a positive impact on the industry's safety culture.

Coming soon                                                  

Real time verification reports, inspection log books and maintenance planning for operation theatres and other critical ventilation systems.

Our Services

Compliance Manager
  • Provide a full suite of compliance tools (see Solutions)
  • Automate your existing manual compliance check
  • Offer an integration of tools and existing checks

Compliance Manager provides up to date guidance which ensure non-compliances are understood and can be remedied easily using the remedial action planner.

Cloud Services

We are an approved G-Cloud 8 supplier under the government's Digital Marketplace Framework:

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