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Seeker Software Solutions

  • Optimise Estates Management, Compliance and Building Safety
  • Improve efficiency and strategic decision making with advanced innovative analytics and dashboards which ensure better operational visibility
  • Enhance safety with smart mobile solutions and golden thread portals
  • Ensure prompt data capture and reporting for audits
Latest releases include
  • Building Safety Portal
  • RAAC Register
  • Contractor Sign-on
  • Risk Control Manager



Improve Operational Performance

Seeker is comprised of three component services; Property Management, Estate FM and Compliance. These component services integrate to provide a single platform to managing complex estates in the healthcare and other sectors.

News – latest updates for Building Safety and RAAC


Improve Compliance

Standalone compliance solution with mobile data collection and dashboards which provides real-time, holistic views of compliance by condition, assets and locations for extensive estates.


Improve Utilisation and Governance

Standalone Outpatient room booking solution which supports Transformation agendas by providing improved controls and flexibility to optimise utilisation. The Digital Hub ensures adhoc clinics are easily managed to maximise Patient initiated follow-ups.

News – transformation with 642 rules for cancelations


Improve Asset Management and Theatre Availability

Real time verification reports, inspection log books and maintenance planning for operation theatres and other critical ventilation systems.

News – app for data collection


An electronic logbook developed with Legionella Control International, using Invigilatis' Compliance Manager solution. Responsible Officers and Duty Holders have easy access to relevant HSE information.

Control of Infection

An auditing tool created for Infection Prevention and Control departments within Hospitals. The tool can be adapted to each team’s needs, increases efficiency in the auditing process, as well as generating reports and analysing data.


Covers all aspects of Estates and Facilities, the solutions provide full risk ranking of non-compliances, allowing Trusts to satisfy all their HTM commitments for Fire Safety, Water, Electical, Asbestos, and COSHH.

News July 2022 – new version of RCM released


A comprehensive risk assessment tool based on HM Government’s Fire Safety Risk - healthcare premises and HSE’s risk scoring to provide consistent evidence-based risk assessment in accordance with HTM requirements.

Soft Fm

Soft FM covers cleaning, waste disposal catering and integrates easily with Control of Infection. Real time dashboards facilitate effective operational management.


App, Analytics and Portal to improve incident reporting and safety management in forestry. Combined with social media push technology, this solution will have a positive impact on the industry's safety culture.

News: May 2021 Released


Implementation/ Integration
Full project management to ensure solutions are established on-time and on-budget.
Existing processes and checks can be automated simply within the new system environment.
Integrations provide seamless and controls process improvements.

Up to date guidance ensures non-compliances are understood and can be remedied easily using the remedial action planner.

  • Service desk (9 to 5)
  • Portal 24/7
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Remote access
  • Onsite visits
  • User Groups


Today’s working environments are increasingly complex, with both a growing burden of rules and regulations and rapidly evolving technology. In response, Invigilatis delivers fully integrated solutions which:

  • are extremely easy to use
  • confirm and evidence completion/compliance of tasks
  • incorporate smarts to automate workflows and alerts
  • enable information to be shared easily across multi-discipline teams
Invigilatis’ holistic solutions incorporate two fundament approaches Profound Knowledge (W. Edwards Deming) and Fair Culture (Professor J. Reason). Our system-based approach is coupled with extensive guidance and which ensures user-learning is facilitated.
The benefits of this pro-active approach include:
  • Improved organisational flows of information and faster decision making
  • Better operational control
  • Optimised performance

Invigilatis’ systems‐based management solutions enable organisations to understand their business as a complex interconnected and interdependent system of elements. With access to good quality and timely data which enables organisational leaders to monitor, identify, and understand variations, and facilitate continuous learning, decision‐making, and improvement, they can consider performance and make improvements across the entire system.

Conclusions from a Case Study in Primary Care
“The risk management model tested uncovered important safety concerns and facilitated the development and communication of related improvement recommendations. System-wide information on hazardous repeat prescribing and how this could be mitigated is very limited. The approach reported may have potential to close this gap and improve the reliability of general practice systems and patient safety, which should be of high interest to primary care organisations internationally.”



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